Advance your AD and fermentation research with auto-fed digesters

• More representative degradation
kinetics and microbiology studies.
Feeding once a day is reflected on
biogas kinetics, and influences the

• By minimising time spent feeding
you can do more analysis. Auto
feed all year round 24/7

• Eliminate “feed compensations” to
achieve target OLRs at the expense
of representability

• If a plant feeds 20 times a day your
lab digester feeds 20 times a day.
As close to real life as you can get
in the lab!

• Reliable mass balances. From
feeder to digestate bottles, all
vessels are gas-tight. Online access
to real-time gas flow monitoring

Feed with the frequency your research really needs

• Modules available from 1 to 20 digesters per autofeeder

• Homogenisation during feeding avoids settling or
flotation of feed (air-actuated feeder agitator, or
impeller blender)

• Air-tight feeder top-up using filler syringe. *1 hour
work per week to fill up 18 digester feeders for
automatic operation!

• System protection, such as sheer pins and automatic
beam stoppers, protect from feeder overruns or valves
left shut

• Removable spill tray. Modules fixed or on castors

A wide range of feeders to upgrade your digesters

• Vessels from 0.6 to 20 litres provide uninterrupted
feeding even for long bank holidays.

• Retrofit automatic feeders for a wide range of digester

• Suitable for pure liquids and liquid-solid blends

• Coil cooling hose around feeders to minimise decay

Stainless steel variable speed mixers and gas-tight access ports add to your experimental options

• 24V DC mixer motor with variable speed control

• Stainless steel impeller mixers for low and high DS

• Calibrate reactor temperatures, measure pH, take live
samples, or dose nutrients through gas-tight access
port in the digester and digestate vessels.

• 2” port for reactor filling or contingency, should it be

• Stainless steel digesters 2 litre to 20 litre (5 litre
standard size)

• 120V AC heater jackets (other voltages available by
request) for water-free temperature control (ambient to

Real time gas flow monitoring saves you time and improves evaluation of process kinetics

• Gas flow measured using liquid displacement

• Separate tumbling bucket (buckets 7 to 40ml as
required) for each reactor for individual gas flow

• Flow meter compatible with HCl or Na(OH) solutions

• Continuous logging of temperature and pressure for
STP conversion

• Our bespoke calibration syringe assures meter

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