BMP equipment for batch tests

BMP equipment developed by Anaero Technology allows consistent evaluation of feedstock biogas and inhibition potential. The equipment has the novelty of mixing all reactors in the set at exactly the same intensity, a factor that causes difficulties in currently available equipment in the market. 

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Auto-fed semi-continuous bioreactors

Anaero Technology’s lab-scale anaerobic digestion research bioreactors are capable of automatically feeding heterogeneous feedstock, as used in full-scale AD operation. This system provides high quality replication of full-scale AD processes, from feed storage, to digestate capture in a gas-tight set (feeder, digester, digestatetank, gas flow meter) that allows efficient mass balances.

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              Research and development 

Collaborative and commissioned research with industry and research institutions .


Feedstock evaluation, Assesment of digestate, Batch or CSTR studies on various feedstocks.

                   Equipment Hire

We offer our auto-fed digesters and BMP equipment for hire to research institutions and industry .

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